Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Thursday, 20 July 2017

"With Love On your Retirement" . A new story


Hi Everyone

 Here is a new story, It is not perfect, could have had more of an edit and reworking, but i have re-written it 3 or 4 times and just want to post it as it is now. Because of this concentration issue in my head, this is the first full length piece I have been able to write for ages and it has taken me since last November to complete and it might not take you where you think you are going.
  This is part 1 of about 3.
Hope you enjoy

                         With Love On Your                                                  Retirement.

                             A Fantasy by AndyLatex

     The discussions had gone on a long time. Should we get Ms Holden a clock, for her retirement, or perhaps some jewellery, or even perfume. No, Jane Emma  Holden was not that dull.  Jane Emma Holden was an exceptional woman.
  Independent and cultured, stunningly beautiful and blessed with a body and figure well below her 60 years, she had never been married, nor indeed had expressed any desire to be so and although here private life was very private we all guessed her emotional and sexual needs were well catered for by the often mentioned Jenna.
 Permanently stilettoed and leather clad she was a confident woman who wore her immaculate grey hair with honour and with one look from her crystal blue eyes, could dominate all those around. Whilst her kind and warm nature drew the utmost obedience and loyalty from her staff  from the lowest store boy to the stores very own deputy manager……and that… was me.
No it had to be something special, something we knew she would really cherish and adore, something personal and as unique as the woman herself….. and that was when we had our idea.
  I had been looking out from my office as our young window dresser Andy had been re-Skinning one of the mannequins when it came to me, Re skinning is a term we use for literally re applying the polished skin to one of our models, over the years they get worn with use and the ultra thin and smooth vinyl skin is placed over the cleaned mannequin then with a heat gun or hair dryer the plastic is shrunk to fit. This can take some time but the finish is important. Then once that is done a final permanent sealant is sprayed prevent the new skin decaying. Usually an un sealed skin loosens after a few weeks so it is important to…..I do apologise, why ever am I boring you with this.
   Any way the idea I had was perfect, unique, special and very, very naughty indeed.

      A week later I called the young man from display to my office. Andrew was a sweet, nice young man, very polite  and tidy, and despite the fact that he was well under half my age, also very cute and innocently sexy . He had only been with the store for 6 months, straight from school, but had shown himself to be very reliable and eager to please. Traits I had noted during his 6 month appraisal and contract formalisation meeting a few days earlier.
   He looked nervous as he entered my office , but  I quickly told him he was in no trouble and that quite the opposite. I explained about Ms Holden and that part of her retirement gift had been delivered to the local post office and I needed him to pop out during his lunch break to collect it for me. Typical of him he eagerly accepted his task, not caring that he would have to give up a large part of his well earned break.
   An hour later, the large plain box in arms he returned to my office. Sweetly he even apologised for being so long and In return thanked him dearly.
“I won’t forget this Andrew”, I said, a tingle of excitement fluttering through me as he handed me the box, the box in which was contained something so wicked, so stunningly erotically naughty that I could barely resist opening it up there and them before him. But no, I remained as cool as I could and placing the box under my desk added I would need him to help with Ms Holdens gift later that week.
  He beamed with pride at being involved in such an important event.

   And so, on the eve of Ms Holdens retirement a few weeks later, myself, the other female department heads , met in the ladies department after the store had closed and a few minutes later we were joined by one more very important person.
   “I am so glad you came Andrew”, I said. Offering him a glass of the champagne we had opened earlier and beckoning him into the perfume scented group. “I think you all know Andrew here, He has been has been secretly running our errands and helping prepare our gift”
  He was clearly nervous, having never had much contact with half of the group before, he  stumbled sweetly over his thank you’s ,before taking a rather large glup of the sparkling champagne. 
 It was Ms Jordan, head of design who calmed his doubts, “Do not worry young man”, she purred in her satin smooth Texan accent. “We have been planning this evening for weeks. Trying to think what to get Ms Holden. After all, Money, success, beauty, she has it all, so we had to think of something very, very special and you proved an inspiration”.
  Again a glow of pride flushed his cheeks. Which deepened still when Ms Steel added her thanks, saying how she had seen him always eager to please and very conscientious about his duties, “A real asset”.
   I waited for each of my colleagues and friends to finish, noting their very approving looks and secret smiles. Our glances and barely perceptible nods, linking us all in agreement that our plan was perfect. I smiled.
 “Well let us waste no more time”, I said relieving him of the glass, before taking his hand. feeling him jump with surprise at my gesture,  “Come along Andrew we’ll show you”.
 I led him up the carpeted stairway, my colleges following and through to the warmly perfumed ladies departments. “We really struggled”, I said keeping up my calming commentary. “We could not come up with anything unique and beautiful. But then it came to us. Now baring in mind she is retiring to Monaco, we have decided on something practical and beautiful”.
  When Andrew sees the mannequin before him ,he comes to a sudden stop. For a moment I let him stare, I feel his hands warm in mine. “Well? What do you think, do you like it?”
  For a long moment he was lost for words. Hardly surprising really, after all it was not a common event to be asked to comment on a mannequin dressed in the impossibly frilly and  feminine uniform of a French maid. Especially one made of rubber!!.
 “Andrew?”. Ms Steel said, her hand on his shoulder
 Finally he found a voice, it was soft and trembling, “Its Um…v..very nice”, he whispered.
  “Do you really think so”. I squeezed his hand and drew him closer to the mannequin, “oh I’m so glad, we did not know if it was a little over the top, you know having it made entirely of rubber, but I love it”.
  Again a pause, a long pause, “Um, a…no its fine”. He stammered totally unsure of just how to answer.
“Don’t worry this and the others, are all made to measure ,so they will fit perfectly”.
 “Others?” he asked almost without thought.
  “Uniforms. I think we ordered ten, all in different colours. No I think there are 3 Black ones, formal and various shades of Pink and of cause red”. I gestured to the wetly glistening dress before us. Taking up the hem and offering it into his nervous hand . “All rubber, or Latex as it is called, a couple of long ones but mostly short like this. Plus underwear, petticoats etc, a full waredrobe, day  and night. I think it cost almost £4000 in all”.
 For a moment he seemed lost in the outfits shiny sparkle, his fingers rolling the smooth liquid like material in his fingers, then “ For who?”
   My stomach tingled, I had been waiting for this moment. I glanced to my colleges, sharing the moment. “Sorry?” I toyed.
   “For who?”, he repeated, “You….you said they were made to measure…….for who?”.
  “Oh my”, I teased, “I thought it was obvioius. Why,they are for you Andrew”.
  “M….Me?, but you can’t expect…” The look on his face was a dream, his eyes just widened with shock.
  “Why so shocked Andrew, there are no lines these days between a male or female job. I know you will make a perfect Maid, as Ms Steel said, you are a real asset to….”, But I could not contain myself and broke into a wide smile.
   “Oh I am sorry Andrew, that was naughty of me, do forgive me. No they are for Ms Holden Maid, Jenna. Ms Holden revealed a secret to us a few years ago, that she likes polished and shiny outfits. I don’t know why it was a shock I mean can you recall seeing her out of  those gorgeous leather pants, we can’t. Anyway with that in mind and Jenna measurements we thought we would surprise her. Don’t worry Jenna is in full agreement and she has such a beautiful body, these will look….Are you OK Andrew?”  I looked to our young guest, his face was red and flushed. “Oh I am sorry Andrew that was thoughtless of me. I do apologise for teasing you then, I do hope you can forgive me”.
  Andrew nodded, but he still looked a little shocked and confused.
  “Sorry Ms Kirkwood”, He mumbled, “but I feel a little dizzy”
  “That’s ok Andrew”, I took his hand, “Nothing to worry your pretty head about Andrew. It is just the sedative taking effect.”. As I spoke his eyes raised to mine.
Oh, he had no idea what I was talking about or indeed of what was about to happen to him and as I stroked his cheek his slump into unconsciousness was caught by the other ladies.

                                                                                                                To be continued

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Clip of the week. "Meeting Ms Jean Bardot"

Hi Everyone
   Here is a quick clip which clearly illustrates the hypnotic power of Ms Jean Bardot. 
   From the moment she sits close beside you, invading your personal space, edging close enough to feel her body heat and bathe you in her perfume, to the moment she arches that eyebrow and fixes you with that laser beam gaze there is no escape and in moment you know you are hers to command.
  I just love the way she never breaks her gaze, she knows the power she has and once she has you in her sights she is not letting you go.

The siren sound towards the end is quite appropriate, because every time i watch this clip I feel oh so very faint 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New Art "On The Show Today"

Hi Everyone
  Sorry for the delay, but I am away with friends for a few days and have set this up so I can post it from over here without bringing my laptop and stuff. (Hope it works).
  This is the conclusion, maybe I will return to it one day but for now It comes to a nice ending. Thank you for your support. Big hugs, all going well i shall be back on Wednesday..

Friday, 7 July 2017

New art "On the show today part 6"

Hi Everyone
  I have little else to say but, thank you for your feedback on my little comic and here I am happy to share part 6.

Christeens latest

Hi Everyone
  Here is this weeks offering from the brilliant Christeen.

Monday, 3 July 2017

New Art."On the show today part 4"

Hi Everyone
 A million, million thanks for all the kind comments regarding this series, I am inspired to create more art. XXX
  So here is Part 4

What????? only one panel???? calm down Kids, this was a miscalculation on my part, where I split the first two I created an uneven number, so today we have just the one and to be honest I could have posted two but what's is the point without the cliffhanger moment.
  "We'll be right back after the break"

Saturday, 1 July 2017

New art "On the show today" 3

Hi Everyone
Yes it is Saturday and just to prove my dedication to this project, Here is part 3

Friday, 30 June 2017

Gigi Hadid in pink Leather

Hi Everyone
 A quick post, just in case anyone missed the Stunning Gigi Hadid in New York the other day. Wowing the fans and photographers dressed from head to toe in Barbie Pink Leather.

New from Christeen

Hi Everyone
 Hot new art from our favorite Christeen.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

new art "On the show today"

Hi Everyone
   I have the start of something which I have been working on for the past 2 and a half weeks. I had an idea for a piece of art but could not find a way to condense it into a single image and so decided to go the other away and expand it into a kind of comic strip. It is in 12 parts though the first two images here are not in classic paper format, they will come together as I post others.
  I know it is not as good or clever as other comic strips, my skills and style do not lend themselves to such a a way of presentation and It could have done with a little more polish, but I hope it tells the story I wanted to tell.
  The problem I had with it is that one of my previous jobs was to pre-edit others written work , (not editing, I am not that clever) highlighting when something needs adding or removing or just rearranging to improve readability. So when I sat down and started on this, I just kept self editing, adding and rearranging until it almost drove me crazy and I just wanted rid of it before I got bored and moved on, leaving it unfinished like so much of my work..Though knowing me I will just have to go back a mess with it again later, Heck if it is ok for George Lucas to do it, it's OK for me.
  Any way enough self beating. I hope you like this, it is complete and will be posted in parts over the coming 2 weeks (or less if  i can't wait)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

clip of the week "Awesome Vacbed"

Hi everyone
  The last time i was away I came within a whisker of ending up in a Vacbed, . If I could have stayed with my friends another day I could have accepted an invitation to a friend of a friends to spend a day, A day!!!! messing with her vacbed. I have wanted for so many years now to get my friend and lover into one of them but not yet found the way. I think if it was mine or my other friends she might relax and give it a try, but heck you don't want to hear that stuff. So I very nearly got to be immersed in Latex in the most amazing way.I love Vacbeds they are awesomely erotic, it is like no other feeling I have ever had. When you first wriggle into one it is cool and the latex loose, the aroma as the zips close is complete, you just breath it in and your heart begins to pound with excitement. Then you feel the air beginning to leave you, the latex flutters across your face and body and then it tightens. The pressure as the latex tightens is so even that you feel no discomfort what so ever just an amazing squeezing, especially across the face and then you are trapped, motionless and still, you can not move, it is a sensation like nothing else. Unforgettable.
 Anyway the other day i saw these two clips and thought i would share them with you. With the proviso that if ever you get the chance to try one of these beautiful things you take it, because the feeling will remain with you for a very long time.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

New from Christeen

Hi Everyone
   As ever I need explain nothing, just sit back and enjoy.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

New Art : Remember when?

Hi Everyone
   Sorry for being so slow,but here we are again with new art. I don't really need to explain it too much, it is a simple idea and quite sentimental, which kind of reflects my feelings at the moment.
 So I hope you like this.
  Big hugs and thank you for waiting ( I hope)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

See you next Wednesday

Hi everyone
 Think the title says it all. I shall return with art and naughtiness for all

Many many thanks for your support and understanding of late

Britain's got Amanda, but Ukraines got Latex

Hi everyone
Oksana Marchenko in stunning latex gown
Amanda Holden in one of her stunning Britain's got Talent gowns.

 With the ending Of Britain's got Talent this week, we wave bye bye to the amazing Amanda Holden and her stunning outfits for another year and It got me thinking that perhaps she should make that final leap and take a leaf out of Oksana Marchenko's book. The stunning  presenter of Ukraine got Talent and X factor (pictured right) appeared in 2011 wearing a stunning full length Latex gown, stylish, elegant, naughty and sexy as hell, which just about sums Amanda Holden up.

 PS if anyone has video of this please please please may i share it

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Return Of Christeen

Hi everyone,
 One thing we can all rely on, whilst I am working on some new art is the wonderful Christeen.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Clip of the week : Ola Jordan in pink Latex

Hi Everyone
  Sorry for that little break and a thousand thank you's for the kind messages.I do not write expecting such a response so it gladdens my heart when you are all so kind. I greatly appreciate your kindness.

 Happy to say my head is far straighter than it was this time last week, a state helped and aided by this little event which occurred over the last bank holiday here in the UK. I was away visiting my friends. (hello Sheila, hello Gi and P, XX) and when i returned I had 4 different  messages in my in box pointing me to watch the TV show Loose women. (Thanks Lou, Alisia, Goodnight and 1980) and so I went on the ITV Hub which holds all the programmes on that channel over here and sat to watch. Apart from seeing a lady i met a few times when we were young on it, I was totally underwhelmed, but then, about 50 Minutes in, this happened.

  Ola Jordan, one of the dancers from BBCs Strictly come dancing show, appeared,  squeezed into this amazingly tight and beautifully polished pink Latex dress. This was on daytime TV at 12 noon!
 To say my heart rushed would have been and understatement, she has always been one of my favourites on the show and to see her like this. Was astonishing. She looked amazing and the dress rippled and clung like it had been melted on,which under those lights it possibly was.

However despite the perfection of her appearance Ola really did not seem too impressed with our favorite material. Believe me Ola no one else was complaining and it was kind of exciting to see her pulling at it and trying to arrange herself to get comfortable. It reminded me of my wonderful friend Sheila and how she was the first time I got her to wear a Latex dress.

   Also I could not help but be reminded of this classic clip of Pamela Anderson in a Black Latex gown by the Syren fashion house. Same modest styling, high necked, no cleavage, giving one the impression it was an outfit that could be worn anywhere.

Love and Kisses

Ps Thanks to NJRS for the clip. Great work as ever

The dress is a custom fit from houseofcb

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Short break

Hi Everyone
  Just to say there will be a short break, with everything that has been going on in my work and private life and now the sad events of this week, I just need a week or so to reset my head and then we can get back to the fun.
  Big hugs and love one another

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Latexium? Emma Watson MTV

Hi Everyone
  My L.A correspondent Amanda Keira has just logged a new report of the Latexium curse. My apologies for not re-formatting her words prior to publication. Enjoy

   Hello to everyone back home in England, this is your on the spot reporter Amanda Keira Louboutin reporting from the shrine auditorium  L.A , where on the 7th of May we witnessed, not only the annual MTV Movie awards, but the latest manifestation of the bizarre and unworldly Latexium curse, which  for the past few years has been centred around the blossoming actress, activist and star of the years biggest film Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson.
  However, today I can exclusively reveal and despite the chatter on social media and the speculation surrounding Miss Watsons stunning appearance at the awards, the simple and sleek Latex dress she wore was indeed worn at her own choice and not as a result of the curses influence.  
  Having followed these events for some time I have gained the trust of both  Miss Watsons people and the British style icon herself and as such gained a few moments for a chat. 

S.S.n.S  When you arrived and accepted your award you were in a very different outfit Emma. Then at the after show press call you were wearing Latex. Did we witness the Latexium curse tonight?
Emma Watson accepting her MTV Award
E.W.     Kind of, I could sense the curse was becoming active, that smell of Latex about me. So after I had been on stage I changed into this dress.
S.S.n.S  A sort of preemptive strike on your part.
E.W      Yes, in a way
S.S.n.S  So you just happen to have a Latex dress to hand?
E.W      I keep this dress with me whenever I travel, It is a sort of safety net, because I really do not want to risk the curse creating anything inappropriate. It is very conservative and clean and If I have to wear Latex then this is what I would choose.
S.S.n.S    You bought it, so who is the designer?
E.W        It is William Wilde, from his basic collection.
S.S.n.S    William Wilde is one of my favourite Latex designers, May I ask if you had a fitting?

E.W        Yes, I went to his studio, he was very discrete and kind and helped with this and a couple of other outfits.
S.S.n.S    So we may see you in other Wilde designs
E.W        Hopefully not, Latex is still not my choice
S.S.n.S    We have not seen the curse in a few months now, do you have it under control?
E.W        Kind of. For the past few months I have been wearing Latex close to my skin at all times, it is not a problem, all very discrete and that for a while kept the curse satisfied, however over the past weeks it has been trying to influence my dress again and so I had started, extending my contact with Latex to sleeping under Latex sheets
S.S.n.S    Wow! A very hot and sticky experience yes?
E.W.       Eh yes, Unpleasantly so, especially here in L.A, I find myself waking, wrapped in the sheets like a sweaty mummy. However it works and I had little thought for the curse until tonight. But the dress is enough to keep the curse in check. 
 Whatever the reason for her stunningly confident and impossibly sexy red carpet appearance the 2017 MTV Awards will, this year, be remembered for a very different kind of winner.That and the image of a sweaty Emma Watson mummified in Latex. 

In L.A, I am Amanda Keira Louboutin

   Stay shiny

Monday, 15 May 2017

Christeen Art

Hi everyone
 It is time once more to present some of the fabulous art of Christeen.Enjoy

What more need i say about the first one, other than WOW!!!